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Family Law in Delray Beach

If you are looking for a family law attorney to represent you in the Delray Beach area, you’ve come to the right place. We are friendly, competent, and here to assist you no matter what your circumstances may be. Here at the Law Office of Peter L. Rose, there are many gray areas when it comes to family law. Many factors come into play and every situation is unique. That’s why we take every case that comes in through our door or all the people who call our office the attention they deserve.

We are passionate about coming up with positive solutions that benefit our client and any children that may be involved. Family is incredibly important and that is why we strive to reach an outcome that’s best suited for you. Whether going through a divorce, reaching a child custody agreement, or going through issues regarding child support payments, the Law Office of Peter L. Rose is here to help as qualified family law experts in Delray Beach.
Reaching Fair Child Support Agreements in Delray Beach
When it comes to child support agreements, it should be all about what is best for your children. If you’re the primary parent, you should be getting a sufficient amount of funds every month to cover living expenses, assuming your ex-partner has an adequate income. If you feel as if you’re not receiving enough for your child, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can work out a proposal that will allow your child to have access to more money and a better future.

On the flipside, if your head is barely above water and the child support payments are taking up most of your disposable income, you may be able to petition how much you’re paying. While caring for your child should be your top priority, it shouldn’t be pushing you into debt. No matter where you are, we are here to work with you to come up with an appropriate situation.
By Your Side in Child Custody in Delray Beach
Because there are so many gray areas and so many sides to every story, family law can be a bit tricky. Upon occasion, the rulings are unfair. If that’s the case, you can always contact the Law Office of Peter L. Rose to reach a better outcome.

If you are recently separated and have kids, we will be there with you from the start to ensure the family law court hears your story and considers what’s best for the child. Whether you’d like to have full time or shared custody of a child, or to increase from bi-weekly weekend visits, we want to help you succeed. Fortunately for you, family law is one of our areas of expertise in the Delray Beach area.
Easing the Transition in Divorce Settlements
Divorce is a huge mental, emotional, and physical strain on any individual. Going through the legal process can be just as draining. But the right law team, like the Law Office of Peter L. Rose, can guide you through the entire process. We ensure you get a fair stake in your assets, shared real estate, and other financial matters. If you have kids, we work with you to improve your chances of earning custody or increased visitation rights.