Foreclosure Defense

                  Foreclosure Defense 


Foreclosure Defense

At Peter A. Rose, P.L., we know that life is unpredictable and circumstances occur which may prevent a person from meeting the demands of their creditors. Hiring the right attorney is often a difficult and complex decision, but if you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, then time is of the essence to choose the right attorneys. Any delay in responding may negatively affect the future of your case.

We are legal professionals who will diligently analyze your individual financial and legal situation and find you a realistic solution to meet your objectives. For many clients, that means keeping them in their home at any cost, for others it means eliminating the burden of unreasonable mortgage payments and preserving credit.

There simply is not a one size fits all solution for everyone and no one can tell you what is right for you without thoroughly analyzing your financial situation. We offer a free consultation in order to design the appropriate action and direction for you.

You have time and rights invested in your home, don’t walk away from your home or investment.

Please contact Peter A. Rose P.L., to schedule a meeting to address any foreclosure issues you may have.

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At Peter A Rose, P.L., we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your legal needs. During the consultation we will determine whether we can assist you and quote you a fee for our services. Call our offices at 561-394-4995 or 954-561-5000 or contact us via e-mail at to schedule your free consultation.